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Admissions Policy

Classes are open to individuals of various ages (see requirements below) who are seeking professional Fine Arts instruction. Since an introductory lesson is given at the beginning of class each week, it is absolutely necessary that all students be ON TIME with their required supplies (see back page), with their cell phones OFF, ready to make a concerted commitment regarding their individual progress.


Applicant’s position in a class will be secured upon the full payment of the tuition prior to the first week of class.

Class Cancellation and Refund

Class enrollment is limited, allowing for individual instruction and extraordinary student technical and artistic growth. Courses will run depending on a minimum number of registered students. There will be no refund after the second week of classes.

Absence Policy

Due to the small class size and total length of each semester, missed class time due to student absence can be made up at the 1 make-up class at the end of he semester. These individuals may desire to make up missed work independently following a discussion with their instructor.


The FALL 2022, twelve session semester begins on October 22nd continuing until the extra 13th make-up class in late January/early February.

The instructor will discuss the specific schedule in each course, but traditionally classes have not met during the Thanksgiving weekend and the Christmas/New Year’s holiday


Most of the materials for each course will be supplied by the instructor, except for what is listed below. It is highly recommended that each student purchases and utilizes a portfolio case that is waterproof, stiff and large enough to store all drawing pads and finished art works.

  • INTRO TO LIFE DRAWING/PAINTING and COLLEGE PORTFOLIO PREP: one 18”x24” rough newsprint pad.


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